Moving in Winter 

After months and months on the market, your house finally sold. In January’s winter weather.

Or, your loved one made the next step to a retirement community before blizzards started marching-in. In November. In New England.

Moving in Winter, it’s far from ideal, but it happens.

What is a stressful act by nature has now become even worse—how do you even prepare for moving precious belongings when snow threatens your deadlines and your balance? We can help with that.

After decades of experience, Green Valley Moving owner/president Greg Evans has a list of advice that can make moving in winter go smoothly, even in the worst weather.

Most importantly, schedule your move with a bubble that allows for snow days and delays. Nothing is worse than missing a move-in or move-out deadline, and budgeting a back-up date or two can help prevent that.

Next, when the day comes, be sure that your sidewalks and driveway are accessible. Our guys will bring an entry mat and runner, but winter ice and mud complicates even the most seamless plan. While the safety of everyone involved is paramount, the safety of your precious items is a close second. Ice and mud can increase the chance of a slip, trip, and the spill that can follow. Also, if you have a basement access, remember to check if it is frozen or blocked by snow. This is easy to forget!

Once you’ve marked the trail for our team, take a moment to prop your feet in the heat and relax. That reminds us, did you leave the temperature set appropriately? If you and/or your children, elders, and pets will be there on moving day, make sure to set your temperature to accommodate opening doors or windows. Or, if you’re the outdoorsy type, maybe have a cozy blanket or two handy. For our guys to work efficiently, the doors will be opened frequently or propped-open for longer periods of time.

Finally, if you have control over the climate in your destination, it’s best to have the heat on when you arrive. Same goes for sidewalk, driveway, and basement access. Having a primed destination shaves time off our work and helps us be efficient for you. Planning out-of-state moves  are particularly difficult because of weather patterns and changes, and we are happy to provide our moving services to work with you to make the best plan possible.

Green Valley Moving employee packing up kitchenWe take great pride in our unheard-of low claims rate, and our care during inclement weather helps us reach it. Glass, marble, perishables, plants, and similar items are particularly at risk for damage and breakage in harsh conditions, and we cushion your belongings accordingly. If you pack yourself, please keep that in mind and double-wrap breakables or take perishables with you in your climate controlled car if on a long-distance move—just to be safe.

Winter weather moves are slightly more complicated, but they are nowhere near impossible. We are happy to help you plan and complete your in- or out-of-state move during any season here at Green Valley Moving.