The Importance of Christmas – The Significance of Easter

We often hear that Jesus is the “Reason for the Season,” but do we really consider the importance of His birth?

We’ve heard the story of that night in Bethlehem so many years ago, seen the Christmas plays, set up our Nativity sets and sung “Away in the Manger,” but have we let the significance of that night sink into to our very beings? If I consider the life of Jesus through the eyes of a non-believer, then all I see is a life of pain and rejection. Think about it for a minute: Born in a manger. A refugee before the age of two (and the drive behind Herod killing all boys age two and under in Bethlehem). Basically homeless by age 30. Rejected by His own family. Deserted and denied by His own followers. Wrongly accused & sentenced to death. Beaten and spit on before being crucified. Jesus lived a hard life; a life marked by pain. Sure there were some good times like the feeding of the 5000 and turning water into wine, but he died young and missed out on those well-deserved retirement years.

In the eyes of the world, He lost.

Let’s be honest for a minute, life is hard. The world we live in is filled with pain and we don’t need to watch the evening news to see it. Demographics won’t predict it and no matter how healthy we eat, or carefully we drive, we can’t insulate ourselves from it. Life is truly full of pain and this is what makes Christmas so important.

The gift of Christmas - not just any gift, but the gift of a Savior.

A Savior who lived a life similar to ours: growing up in a family, sharing life with dear friends, weeping, grieving, loving and suffering. Jesus knows what it’s like to go through hard times and He can relate to our pain.

We sell a lot of vintage toys through auction and inevitably an adult will purchase a toy that he or she played with as a child. (I’m guilty with a pile of Matchbox cars sitting on my desk). Maybe they received a favorite toy under the Christmas tree years ago. The toy didn’t survive, but the memory did. Christmas has a way of bringing all of those good times out as we strive to make more special memories.

Some 2000 years ago, before black Friday, small Saturday and blue Monday, without the fanfare of a Christmas tree or shiny wrapping paper, a child was born: the gift of our Savior, the greatest gift that could ever be given. Unlike toys from our childhood that we broke, lost or discarded, this gift lasts eternally. This gift (if we truly accept it) can’t be lost, broken or taken from us. This is the gift that I have at the top of my list for everyone this year. For the fifth grader from school who shared with me that his greatest fear is never seeing his dad again (broken marriage and dad left), I would love to wrap up the gift of reconciliation for his family; however, I would much rather him unwrap the gift of Jesus, the One who will never leave us. For my friend who is suffering from health problems, I would wrap up healing if I could, but the gift of the One who overcame death brings hope and eternal life.

Jesus Christ truly is the reason for the season.

He is the  l i g h t  that shines through the darkness; He is our  h o p e  in a hurting world; He alone makes Christmas important.

I truly pray that if you haven’t already unwrapped and received this gift, then this would be the year you would. We are broken people living in a broken world and we can’t save ourselves. We have all messed up, but there is hope. There is forgiveness. There is a gift - a Savior. His name is Jesus and when you turn away from sin and surrender your life to Him, then you unwrap the gift of eternal life and hope. I pray that this would be the year that you unwrap the most important gift ever.

Merry Christmas - Greg, Elizabeth & Family

Go ahead!
Look under the tree past the shiny wrapped presents.
The greatest gift ever is there, waiting for you.







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