The Difference Between Local & Long Distance Moving

No two moves are the same, but household moves usually get placed into one of two categories. Local move or long distance move. Local moving is usually defined as moving within the same city or a 30 mile radius. Long distance moving would then be any move over 30 miles; however, the term usually refers to a move 100+ miles away and more often than not, it refers to a move to another state.

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Long Distance Move to Texas

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Move to Moorefield, WV in 2019

The Difference

Long Distance Moving
Especially when going several states away long distance moving, takes some careful planning to insure that delivery takes place at the right time. Because Green Valley is an independent moving company, we are able to offer our clients dedicated moves and accommodate their delivery date. Just last week we moved a widow from Waynesboro to a senior facility in Massachusetts, to be closer to family. It was a 9 hour drive and this very independent lady was making the drive on her own. To best accommodate her needs, we loaded her items first thing in the morning and then while she began her first leg of the long drive, we parked the truck at our facility and the guys had an afternoon off. The next morning the truck headed out and 9 hours later they made their first stop at her daughter’s house. Then instead of pushing onto her house to unload, realizing that our client had to be exhausted from two days of driving, they found a hotel and binged watched “Law & Order.” They made their delivery the following morning to a well-rested, happy customer; then they made their way home.

Local Moving
Of course with local moving you don’t have to worry about that long drive, but it still takes proper planning to insure a successful day. There are so many variables that come into play when planning a move. What size truck will it require, or perhaps it will take two trucks? How many men will it take and what combination of men and trucks will be most efficient and cost effective? Most local moves are done on an hourly basis, so while the hourly rate for two men is certainly cheaper than the four man rate, it won’t necessarily save the client money.

The Factors

This also comes into play with a local move. For a large move from Harrisonburg to Staunton, it might be better to pay extra for a second truck as opposed to having the crew make two trips; for a move from Bridgewater to Harrisonburg, a second trip might make sense.

Client’s Schedule
Another factor to consider is the client’s schedule. Even with two trucks and a large crew, a big move requires time and will probably spill over to the evening hours. Families with young children might need to make arrangements for overnight care or even schedule the move over two days.

One factor both local moves and long distance moves have in common is the stress of packing and leaving a familiar place and the excitement of making a new house a home. From the first call, text or email, the professional staff at Green Valley is here to walk with clients through the process.

We are large enough to serve you, but small enough to know you.

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