Senior Transition Services

Are you or a loved one preparing to downsize and relocate to a maintenance-free senior living facility?

Green Valley Moving, can relieve your stress and worry every step of the way. We offer a variety of senior transition services to meet your specific needs. From appraising your heirlooms, to moving them to your family as you pass the treasures on to the next generation. Of course, we can also pack and move all of the belongings that you wish to move with you. Green Valley Auctions will then come in, take the auction items to the gallery and prepare them for sale. We can even take care of the items that need to be donated. After the household goods have been removed, Green Valley can even provide trash removal and housecleaning.

“An excellent leader and an excellent team.”  

C. Lively, moved from Virginia to Maryland. (October 2015)

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Using our three step process, Green Valley makes it easy from start to finish:

Step One

Initial Visit and sale preparation.

A free walk-through consultation can be conducted to evaluate your household moving needs, answer questions and determine pick-up requirements. Greg Evans is a knowledgeable appraiser and can provide you with valuable knowledge about your treasures.

Step Two


Green Valley Moving will arrive with its professional staff to pack your house for transport to your new home.

Trash removal and/or cleaning services are available to make your downsizing process complete.

Step Three

If auction services are needed, Green Valley Auctions will provide an inventory list, sorting services, transportation of items to the Green Valley Auction Gallery, advertising and set-up services.

The Auction House has been in business for over 49 years and has a mailing list of over 2,500 collectors, dealers and individuals. Auctions regularly draw 300-500 absentee bids and have regular crowds of 400-600 buyers. Advertising is both local and regional with national internet advertising.  Items are also posted on Facebook, and

On your Auction Day, Green Valley uses a computerized accounting system to keep track of your items and their selling prices. We provide a computerized inventory settlement report and your check will arrive in 30 business day after the auction.