Green Valley Moving employee packing up kitchen

Moving can be a stressful ordeal, no doubt. Some of your worry can be relieved by hiring a trusted moving company to do the heavy lifting for you, but did you know that most moving companies pack your cherished and everyday items as well?

While we hope you choose to hire Green Valley Moving for both your packing and your moving, we also want to give you some packing tips on how to do it yourself! Check-out this demonstration video from our very own Jessi Bartley as she shows you her tricks for safely packing household items.

Jessi’s Packing Tips:

  • Have tape gun, box cutter, scissors, and marker handy
  • Cover table with protective cloth, blanket, or paper (no scratches!)
  • Use white paper—newspaper can dirty your hands and stain your delicate items/glassware
  • Choose a smaller box for dishes/glassware (larger boxes encourage over-packing)
  • Put heavy items on bottom of box
  • Stack plates upright on one side of the box—stacking top to bottom puts too much pressure on bottom plate
  • Stack bowls in other side of box
  • Stack heavy/hearty glasses on bottom, stack lighter glasses on top
  • Wrap lids separately from items like sugar bowls
  • Secure smaller items like salt & pepper shakers around other items—no wrapping required if everything else is cushioned by paper
  • Mark boxes specifically to make unpacking go smoothly
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