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Customer satisfaction is important to us for two reasons.

  • First, we want to know what we’re doing well and what we need to improve.
  • Second, the best advertising tools we have are satisfied customers.

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What Green Valley Moving customers are saying...

"Zach and Ethan helped move. They were very considerate and super careful with everything. They did a great job and were very polite. I needed movers last minute and they came with their own truck. I'd definitely hire them again!"

Ivey B. (July 2018)

"Were careful about not leaving wall & floor dents or scratches. Actual cost for move was less than estimate. This was only an across town move but I cannot see how it could have gone better. Thanks."

Randal Josephson September 2018

“Green Valley Moving did a great job with our long distance move from VA to KS. The team, led by Cory, was professional and very efficient. We highly recommend them!”

Joann Nicholas (August 2018)

“Zach and Scott are awesome! They packed up our 4 bedroom home in less than 3 hours. They are considerate and hard working.”

Morgan Griffin (March 2018)

“There was excellent communication and the men took extra care in handling our antiques.”

Bill & Becky Pierce, move from Ruckersville, Virginia to Bridgewater, Virginia (July 2015)

Movers unload the Green Valley Moving truck for a family moving into a new Harrisonburg home

"I plan to move to Florida next year and will call your company."

Mrs. O., moved within the city of Staunton, Virginia (May 2015) and will move to Florida in spring of 2016.

“Excellent Service.” 

Leo Zindler - two part move: to Harrisonburg, Virginia then to Delaware (September 2015)

“Was well satisfied with the service that Green Valley gave. I don’t know if Brad is paid by the hour or commission, but you need to make sure he is well compensated as you do not want to lose an employee like him. He is a very hard and dedicated worker.”

Roger Jarrell, Fishersville, Virginia (November 2015)

"I felt the professional manners and the dedication of the staff was outstanding. I would recommend them to anyone who needs this service."

David Updike, moved from Harrisonburg, Virginia to South Carolina (August 2015)

"Great Job!"

R. C., Staunton, Virginia (October 2015)

“The GV team members worked well together and handled our move very efficiently. We would highly recommend Green Moving for anyone needing a professional move at a reasonable price!”

Kathy Holter (2018)

“The guys that moved me were very professional and courteous. They were fast but careful with my belongings and took minimal breaks.”

Peggy Hardy (August 2018)

“Green Valley Movers were great! The final price was under the original estimate. The 3 guys were very efficient and made sure to be careful!”

Chelle Lynn (2018)

“We were greatly impressed with your crew. We have moved several times over the years. Your company is an excellent one. You could not ask for better men to handle it all. Thanks for everything.”

Kay O’Connell - move from Dayton, Virginia to Charlottesville, Virginia (October 2015)

“Couldn’t have been better. We felt well informed the entire time.”

Mr. & Mrs. M., Bridgewater Retirement Village (April 2015)

“The guys worked hard all day - 2 trips and never complained. Super guys-all of them.”

Elaine Phelps - Harrisonburg, Virginia (October 2015)

Thanks! Great job!

Belle Stemper, Ragtime Fabrics (3 day move of fabric store in Harrisonburg, Virginia)

"I am VERY well pleased. THANKS!"

M.P., Harrisonburg, Virginia

Movers unload the Green Valley Moving truck for a family moving into a new Harrisonburg home

"Job well done!"

Mr. & Mrs. R., Glasgow, Virginia (May 2015)

“From packing day to moving day, the crews were very professional, efficient, and courteous. I would highly recommend them!”

Andrea Wamsley-Barr (August 2018)

“Great, friendly, and efficient process from beginning to to end. Highly recommend!”

Kendall Badgett (May 2018)

“They were calm and positive all day, making an overwhelming task feel manageable and easy. Their estimate of time, trips, materials, etc. was accurate.
Not one item was nicked, scratched or damaged in the process. ”

Erin Williams (2018)

“The two gentleman were very polite and courteous. Treated me with the utmost respect.”

J. J. - Apartment move in Harrisonburg, Virginia (July 2015)

“The guys did a great job. Thanks for all your help.”

Coffman, Waynesboro, Virginia (April 2015)

“The movers didn’t slow down even in 90 degree heat and terrible humidity; and it was a move from the second floor.”

B. M., loaded a pod in New Market, Virginia bound for Kansas City, Missouri (2015)

Movers unload the Green Valley Moving truck for a family moving into a new Harrisonburg home.

"The guys were great! Nothing broken and it was three days of moving."

S. S., move into downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia (December 2015)

"An excellent leader and an excellent team."

C. L., moved from Virginia to Maryland. (October 2015)

"We were very pleased; the movers were helpful in every respect."

V. B., Waynesboro, Virginia (April 2015)

"Very Pleased!"

M. K., moved to Arlington, Virginia (September 2015)