Plan a Move

The first step when you are ready to plan a move is to decide if you are going to move yourself or hire professional movers.

Things to consider when making this decision.

  1. Do I have the time and physical ability to move myself?
  2. Do I have the funds to hire a professional mover?
  3. Do I have friends who are capable and willing to help?
  4. Do I need more than a couple of pick-up trucks to move my items?
  5. Do I have experience driving a big rental box truck?
  6. Do I have valuable furniture or family heirlooms that I don’t want to get damaged?

If you answered "No" to question A and "Yes" to question B, then you need to hire a professional company to provide full service moving. This is where our crew will come in early to pack everything into cartons and label them. Then the crew will move your belongings to your new home and come back in and unpack all of your belongings for you.

Green Valley Moving employees pack up a house for a move customerIf after considering all of the questions, you decide you want to hire a professional mover AND save some money by doing some of the work yourself, keep reading or check-out our blog for some great moving tips.



A client of Green Valley Moving packs up
boxes herself to keep moving costs down.

Moving Process

Green Valley movers unloading a moving truckStep 1 – Basic Information

When you contact one of Green Valley’s move specialists, they gather the basic information about your move: Where are you moving? When do you need to move? What will you be moving?

Step 2 – Detailed Information

Green Valley will arrange for one of our representatives to make an in home survey of your belongings. At this time any special needs concerning your move will be discussed. For example, if you need stops at multiple locations, if your new location has elevator access or an unusually long walkway, etc.

Step 3 – Contract Agreement

Green Valley will present a contract price to you. Once you have reviewed and accepted the contract, we move to Step 4.

Step 4 – Schedule Move

Green Valley will schedule your move based on your individual needs. Please note that we do not accept Sunday moves.

Step 5 – Packing Items

If needed the packing crew arrives to safely wrap and pack all of your belongings in preparation for the big move.

Step 6 – Move Day

Moving day. When the crew arrives they will immediately introduce themselves and after a quick walk through the house they will carefully & skillfully load the truck.

Step 7 – Delivery Day

Delivery day. On the agreed upon day the truck will arrive at your new home. You will instantly recognize the crew chief as the same person who took so much care in loading your treasures. The crew will quickly unload your belongings placing them into the appropriate rooms as you guide them.

Step 8 – Finalize Contract

The job is complete, the bill is paid and as the truck pulls away you are ready to begin your life in a new state.

Moving Tips

  1. Select a moving company very carefully. Do your research and ask your friends if they know anything about the company. Picking a reputable company with a history of serving your area is the most important step.
  2. Plan ahead and schedule with the moving company 2-4 weeks in advance. Don’t get caught in a situation where you cannot find a mover who meets your time frame because you waited too long to make your decision. 
  3. De-clutter! Clean out the closets and cabinets—ask yourself, “Why have I been storing this?” If you don’t use it, then maybe it’s time to lose it. Why spend money to move something you don’t want or don’t still use? Donate those clothes that just hang in the closet, or think about having a yard sale or maybe it’s time to call Green Valley Auctions.
  4. Make a masterplan. Who is doing what? Where will things go? Draw a plan on where you want to put all of the big pieces of furniture in your new home.
  5. Label, Label, Label. For example, when you pack the kitchen, label the boxes “kitchen pots and pans.” Be sure to put labels on the top and sides of boxes and make them big, so the movers can read them quickly. Consider color coding your labels and marking the corresponding room with the same color. Check out our Packing Demo for some helpful tips!
  6. Organize. Some people like to put the bulk of boxes in the garage when they move in.  This way they can choose to unpack leisurely and not have the house overcrowded. In this case separate the garage into rooms so all of the kitchen boxes are stacked together, etc.
  7. Pack in phases. If you have time, then try to spread the packing process out. Don’t kill yourself by trying to pack the whole house in a day. Pulling an “all-nighter” before a move isn’t nearly as much fun as it was in school.
  8. Leave the clothes hanging in the closet for the movers. Request wardrobe boxes and the movers can simply hang them in the box. This saves time packing and unpacking- not to mention a lot of wrinkles.
  9. Move your basic necessities to your new home a day early if possible. If not, at least pack these items separately and make sure they are identified as priority.  Remember there is nothing worse than at the end of a long day of moving to not be able to find your pajamas, toothbrush and medicines.
  10. Use uniformed size boxes when packing, if possible. 3 basic size boxes should be used: Small (books, tools and other heavy items to prevent over packing); Medium (dishes, pots, pans and miscellaneous items); Large (help to protect lamp shades, towels, Tupperware and other bulky light items).
  11. Make a list of high value and awkward items that need to be moved. For example a bow front china press, Grandfather clock, riding mower, piano, etc. Give this list to the moving company prior to your move day. This will allow them to bring all the proper equipment to protect your items.
  12. Make a list of any special needs or requests you might have. For example “Can we drop off a bedroom set at my daughter’s house?” or “My new residence has an elevator and a long hallway.” Let the moving company know these things ahead of time, so plans can be made to meet all of your needs.
  13. Plan for the day. When your move day arrives, plan on having child or elderly care arranged and a safe spot for your pet. Moving is a stressful time for everybody but especially for the elderly, kids and pets.
  14. Take care of yourself. Moving can be a difficult time, especially if you meet the movers at 8 a.m., close on the house you just sold at 9 a.m. and then close on the new house at 10 a.m. Ask a friend or family member to bring you lunch and maybe even supper. The moving crew is experienced and can load and unload for 10-12 hours on just a quick bite to eat.  It is important to remember that while they will handle all of your possessions with care, they don’t have any emotional attachment to your old house or your stuff. People often overlook the mental and emotional strain moving can cause. If possible, allow yourself time to settle into your new house gradually. Move on a Wednesday and have a good rest, then take Thursday and Friday off from work to start unpacking. Don’t overdo it!
  15. Read tip #1 again. Select a reputable, established moving company like Green Valley Moving to serve you.

Budget Tips

These simple tips can help you save some money. Remember the rule of thumb is if you’re not comfortable doing it, leave it for a professional.

  1. Remember the more organized you are, the quicker the moving crew can place your belongings in your new home. The crew is willing to stand around while you make these decisions, but that will cost you money. However, if you don’t like the placement of that large piece where it is, don’t hesitate to have the movers try it somewhere else. They are the
    re to serve you and are glad to rearrange items. See Moving tip #3 and #4 on ideas to help you organize and prepare.
  2. Disassemble your furniture. As much as possible, remove the mirrors off dressers, dissemble the beds and pack lampshades, etc.Green Valley Moving
  3. If you carry boxes from upstairs and basement to your garage, remember to leave a pathway.
  4. Move your fragile awkward items yourself- Flat screen TVs, artwork, lamps and lampshades, etc.
  5. Find free boxes at your local grocery or liquor store, just be sure they are sturdy and are not wet. Green Valley Moving can provide you with a selection of one time used boxes.