Mirror Packs

These can be purchased and are the most ideal tool for packing framed pieces. Stuff the bottom of the Pak with packing paper or an equivalent to cushion the frame.  Carefully place the piece in the Pak, and stuff the sides and top with more paper to secure it (if there is plenty of room, place another piece in the Pak back-to-back with a protective piece of paper in between).  Slide the next Pak over your snugly wrapped pieces, and you’ve got a protective box!  Now just wrap the Mirror Pak with cellophane wrap or packing tape (we recommend a tape gun for this project).

For extra-large framed pieces, you may have to use two Mirror Paks as a base and two as a lid. Use the same method as before, just be sure to tape the two base pieces together once the piece is inside.

Large Cardboard Boxes

These can also be used for framed pieces. Simply cut the box so that is lays flat. Slide the piece (cushioned in a layer of packing paper or bubble wrap) into the flattened box. Now just tape the ends of the box together.  Extra tip: You can cut-down the size of the box once it is flattened in order to give smaller pieces more security.

Moving Blankets

These are our third favorite option.  You can wrap framed artwork or mirrors in a large moving blanket (fully protecting each corner) and then use cellophane wrap or packing tape to hold the bundle together.  This method is just as effective as either cardboard method, so long as you or your movers are very careful when handling the piece(s) and packing them into the truck.