No Winter Blues At Green Valley Moving

The thermometer read 9 degrees this morning and it’s not promising to move too far up from that. There’s snow on the ground in places, and with the temperatures not deciding to creep much above freezing for the next week, the ground is solid frozen. For many moving companies, this means their phones aren’t ringing much, their trucks are sitting still and their employees are starting to fear the dreadful news. ‘We’re going to have to lay you off for a month or so.’

We will be the first to admit, it’s a difficult season for the owner of a moving business. We find ourselves remembering the busy months, the endless schedule of move after move after move and the phone calls of new people moving to new places and in those moments it’s so exciting! But for the slower months it can become discouraging. This is a time that many businesses decide they have to lay off many, if not most of their Movers who have worked back breaking hours for them over the warmer months and then ask them to come back when business picks up. What do they expect their employees to do for the next 2 months? Many of them have families that they are providing for, food that they are putting on the table and homes they are trying to pay off…for many people the reality of getting laid off when business gets slow is real and in a fleeting moment they are left with nothing and must find a way to make something work.

Our move guys mean so much to us and they are the root of Green Valley Moving. They keep this business growing, they are the face of who we are and what we do.  It would seem easier to just tell them to take the next couple months to rest up and call them in once or twice a week when we need them but how unfair that would be to them after what they do for this company. The move guys spend 9 out of 12 months hustling, working long, hard and sometimes difficult days. Rest for them doesn’t come quite as often as I’m sure some of them would wish but yet, they press on making sure each day they give each move and customer their best effort. This is why, when winter comes we make sure that each guy is able to keep his work hours and continue to provide for himself and his family. For Green Valley guys, they know that Greg is digging deep and thinking outside the box to find miscellaneous job opportunities to keep them busy. They may not be driving to Florida or Kansas or packing up a 3 story house with 5 bedrooms and a full garage but after months of hard labor, I believe they’re grateful for some down time. They’ll be helping out our Auction crews by loading a truck in the warehouse and then bringing it up to Auction to unload and prepare for the upcoming auction. This means you can find them with their favorite playlist blasting through a speaker and once in a while dressing up in hats or riding a stick pony or even...playing with Woody from Toy Story they found in the warehouse. They’ll spend some time reorganizing the barn full of boxes that became a mess during the busy months when there was no time to keep the piles nice and you might even find them at the Evans’ home place working on a chicken coop or fixing the dog fence because Miss Callie can’t seem to stay at home knowing she’s missing out on all the fun at work. Just this month Brad and Dakota were able to use their construction skills to take out the stage in Gallery 2 so that there would be more room for tables in the auction house. Whatever it is, these guys are willing to pick up the shovel, the hammer, or even the trash. We want to make sure that our guys are taken care of, just like they help to take care of Green Valley. Their families are our families and we want them to always be our first priority. We could not do it without them and are so thankful that we have the ability to employ them and give them opportunities to provide for their families and keep their paychecks steady.

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