When hiring a local moving company, you are paying for a personalized moving experience. Green Valley Moving is different from the rest of the companies on your list to call; when planning your big move, start here. With us, your precious belongings are more than boxes in a truck—they are pieces of your life that are irreplaceable, and we treat them as such.


Local, with Long-Distance Potential

Our crews have been up and down the entire coast this year, as well as across the Mississippi. Green Valley Moving has the scope of many commercial moving companies, but we offer the family-oriented, custom attention that you deserve.

Green Valley Moving truck backing into customer's driveway

As we were delivering belongings to a customer in South Carolina this summer, the customer came to our crew and asked, “while you are here, can you take this stuff to Georgia for me?” Our answer: of course! Moving is a stressful time, and if we can help reduce that stress in any way, count us in (even if it means an additional 5 hours driving south and another night on the road).



Photo of flowers in Green Valley lobby

Special Request?

One of our favorite 2018 stories thus far is from another South Carolina customer’s move. This customer had a bounty of beautiful flowers making the journey with them, and we happened to be storing this customer’s belongings over a 4-day weekend. Our crew brought each plant into our air conditioned lobby, and they received water and admiration daily until it was time to continue the journey. When the plants came off the truck at the South Carolina destination, the customer’s comment was “I could see my wife’s stress melt away when she saw that her plants were okay.”


We could tell stories for months about the experiences we have had and the places we have been. It is truly our pleasure to meet your every need during your big move, so give us a call and we can get you started today.

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