July 4th is behind us and soon summer time will quietly slip away. With fall on the horizon we all know that our local universities will soon be bustling with students. Green Valley Moving is centrally located between Harrisonburg and Staunton, home to James Madison UniversityEastern Mennonite UniversityBridgewater College and Mary Baldwin University. Each year I’m asked, “Do you move a lot of college kids?” With over 20,000 students moving into our area, you would think the answer would be yes, but in reality most college students travel light. With so much of the off campus housing now having furnished rooms, students can usually manage to move their own items. The one exception is grad students. Most of the time these young men and women have put down some roots in our communities; often attending school year round, living away from student housing and being an integral part of the local workforce.

Photo of Green Valley Moving Truck

Graduate school students still might not have a truck load of furnishings to move, but a lot of times they are moving because of a career opportunity. In this case they are often dealing with the ending of a lease here as well as the beginning of a new job in another city. While grad students are always frugal, they are also very practical and know when it’s better to pay for the convenience of having professionals do a job, as opposed to spreading themselves too thin.

Here at Green Valley Moving, we do a lot of moves for grad students heading to Northern Virginia and around the Beltway to Maryland. We also frequently relocate these young adults to Charlottesville and Richmond. We take pride in being able to provide these services at a reasonable price and helping someone as they start this new exciting chapter of their life. If you are a Grad student and ready to embark on a new adventure you can give us a call for a free move estimate. Our office is open Monday – Friday from 8-500 p.m. We would love to chat with you!