Downsizing Services

“Was well satisfied with the service that Green Valley Moving gave. I don’t know if Brad Campbell is paid by the hour or commission, but you need to make sure he is well compensated as you do not want to lose an employee like him. He is a very hard and dedicated worker.”

Roger Jarrell - Fishersville, Virginia (November 2015)

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Are you downsizing or simply looking to get rid of some excess baggage when you move?

Moving is a chance for a fresh start and an opportunity to cut-down on clutter. Green Valley Moving is here to help by offering downsizing services! Our owner, Greg Evans, has lots of experience in appraising and selling antiques, fine furnishings, firearms, collections, tools and household items. Get in touch with a Green Valley representative to start walking you through the process of downsizing and selling your possessions.

Using our five step process, Green Valley makes selling at auction easy from start to finish:

Step One

Initial Visit and Sale Preparation

We provide a free walk-through consultation to evaluate your sale, answer questions and determine pick-up requirements. Greg Evans is a knowledgeable appraiser. He can provide you with valuable knowledge about your treasures.

Step Two


Green Valley Auctions' professional staff arrive to inventory, sort and pack your items for transport to the auction facility.
Trash removal and/or cleaning services are also available to make your downsizing process complete.

Step Three

Advertising and Set-Up

Green Valley has been in business for over 49 years. We have a mailing list of over 2,500 collectors, dealers and individuals. Auctions regularly draw 300-500 absentee bids and have regular crowds of 400-600 buyers. Advertising is both local and regional with national internet advertising. Posts are also on Facebook,, and

Step Four

Auction Day

  • Green Valley uses a computerized accounting system to keep track of your items and their selling prices. 
  • Absentee bidding is executed for bidders who cannot attend auction.
  • Moving services are available to all buyers to move your items safely to their new homes.

Step Five


  • Green Valley provides each consignor with a computerized inventory settlement report.
  • You are guaranteed a check within 30 business days after the auction.
  • Now that you have downsized your treasures, you are ready to move into a smaller home. Green Valley Moving can take you from door to door with ease. We can move, clean and stage your home for resale after your auction.