Comparing Prices For Your Next Move

It's Not Always About Dollars and Cents

If you are in the first stages of hiring a move company, you may have some questions. You could start by calling all of the local companies and ask for a quote and then proceed with picking the cheapest price. That might work for some cases but it doesn’t always add up to savings when you price a move this way. There are a lot of variables to look at when comparing prices for a move. Let’s breakdown some of the factors that can come into play on planning a local move.

Local jobs are usually done on hourly rates. If company A is $10 an hour higher than company B, would there be any reason to consider them? For this example we will assume that you have already looked at reviews and both companies have good reviews. Is there any advantage other than cost? Quite often the answer is yes. So what should you be looking for and what questions should you be asking?

Question 1: Is the company able to handle a move your size?

Some moving companies thrive serving people with small moves and they have positive reviews from happy customers. However, sometimes a move might take two 26’ moving trucks and a 5-6 man crew. Is the company you are looking at able to handle your move efficiently and effectively? If you save $10 an hour but the company has to make two trips because they have a 20’ truck instead of a 26’ truck, then in the end your move will cost you more. The flip side of this is also true: sometimes you have a small lot to be moved and you’ll find most movers have a 3 hour minimum charge. However, some jobs can be done with 2 men which is more cost effective than 3 or 4 men. Be sure that you are not being oversold for your job as well.

Question #2: What services do I need and can this company provide them?

Do they disassemble and reassemble your furniture? If you need packing services you will want to make sure they have an experienced packing crew and also establish what fees and extra cost are involved in packing. Some moving companies offer short term storage if needed. Usually this can save you money versus renting from a self-storage facility.




We've given you the questions to ask and you might be wondering, 'well, can these people help me in my move?'. Here are some answers to some of the above questions that pertain to our Moving company.

At Green Valley Moving, with multiple crews and a small fleet of trucks, we are able to serve both large and small customers. Working in conjunction with Green Valley Auctions, we have very capable packing and moving crews, experienced in handling antiques and fragile items. We are able to offer temporary storage at a reasonable rate in our warehouse. There are added bonuses to utilizing our storage. Our facility has a truck height loading dock, so the movers don’t have to run up and down the ramp when loading and unloading, thus saving them time and you money. Additionally, our moving pads are left on your furniture when placed into our storage, this not only offers extra protection for your items but also saves time and money when we reload your pieces for delivery.

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With over 50 years of business experience, Green Valley is positioned to safely and efficiently serve your moving needs. We are family owned and operated, located just south of Harrisonburg on the family farm next to the Green Valley Book Fair. We provide local and long distance moving, temporary storage, estate auctions, senior downsizing, and consignment shop and estate appraisals. Let our family serve your family.




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