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Moving is a high-stress time for the entire family, and nobody knows that better than we do. So, after years of experience, we have a long list of helpful tips to make your move be as relaxed as possible.


Choose a moving company carefully.

While we hope we are your top choice, we want you to do your research. Choose a reputable company with a long history of serving your area. Ask about the company’s insurance and licensing, and see if they have any quirky policies.

Plan ahead and schedule.

Book your moving appointment 2-4 weeks in advance. Make your decision this far in advance so that you don’t get caught without a way to meet your move-out or move-in deadline! Our Moving Specialist Laura Cain can help you plan your move.


If you don’t use it, maybe it’s time to lose it. If they don’t bring you happiness or serve a purpose, consider donating your used belongings or selling them at auction.


Make yourself a masterplan, and you’ll be surprised how simple the act of unpacking will become. Label your boxes on the top and sides, but don’t limit yourself to the Sharpie on cardboard method. Color code with labels or duct tape, mark the boxes by room, and maybe even number them to keep track. If you’re feeling super chic, use colored plastic tubs to move your stuff, and then you’ll have reusable (and cute) storage containers for your new home.

While we’re talking about boxes, use uniformly sized boxes. Have three basic sizes to make stacking easier: small, medium, and large. By using the same type boxes as much as possible, the jigsaw puzzle in the moving truck becomes so much easier.

There are many ways to be creative and cost-effective while moving, and packing yourself is one of them. Check-out our other blogs to get ahead of the game!

Pack in phases.

Be honest with yourself. You can’t pack the entire house in one day, so take it a room or two at a time. This is not the time to revive your all-nighter method from school!   

Be kind to your future self.

There are so many ways to look out for yourself during the moving process. First things first, pack an overnight bag with all of your essentials. This way, you’re not mining your boxes to find the simple stuff. When you’re packing these things, be sure to put a cotton pad or ball in your make-up packs to keep them from breaking and plastic wrap your toiletries before putting the lids on them. Next, make copies of any crucial paperwork (like birth certificates, etc.) and keep the copies with you while you travel in case of emergency.

At your new home, make sure to pre-clean your bathroom and kitchen before moving-in your loot. Also, make the bed first once you’ve unloaded everything. That way, you can have a well-earned night’s rest as soon as you’re ready.

Be kind to your moving company.

Believe it or not, there are restrictions and natural hazards that movers have to battle on most moves. We legally can’t transport your gasoline, bottled gasses, flammables, ammunition, or explosives, so please be sure to have proper provisions for those during your move. And although we’re sweet, we don’t melt in the rain; so, please be sure to prepare for inclement weather by having tarps, rugs, etc. to walk on and cover belongings. Less drip, less slip!

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