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Bowl for Kids' Sake

– by Elizabeth Evans

Big Brothers and Big Sisters is an awesome organization that matches volunteer adults with kids who need a little extra help whether it’s because they are growing up in a single parent home, or growing up in poverty, or have a parent who is incarcerated. The relationships that form between the “Big” and the “Little” are positive and long lasting. Bowl for Kids' Sake with Green Valley Moving

Greg and I have been “Bigs” for three years and we love it! As our own kids grow up and get too old for us to eat lunch with them at school and volunteer in their classroom, we have been able to continue being a part of the elementary school in our community and developing relationships with our “littles” that we wouldn’t trade for the world. Each week I get to color, read books and eat lunch with my “little” and Greg gets to play basketball (and realize how old he really is when the 3rd graders beat him).

On April 1, 2017 many of our Green Valley Guys and Gals are Bowling for Kids’ Sake to raise money for Big Brothers/Big Sisters and you can help us support this fantastic organization. Just go to Big Brothers/Big Sisters donation site and search for one of the names listed below.
Bowl for Kids' Sake with Green Valley MovingBowl for Kids' Sake with Green Valley MovingNow I will tell you that there is a heated competition between Sherri Rittenhouse and Joe Bailey as to who will raise the most money, so if you’d like to become a part of that debate, then be sure to choose who you’d like to win.


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